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Project Cargo

If you have complicated or heavy equipment to transport, Affreighter Logistics will rise to the challenge. Our Project Department staffs have relevant experience over a decade in handling project cargo. We thrive under pressure and have handled many high-value, transportation projects on tight deadlines.

Whether you need a turnkey service provider who will supervise your project from start to finish or a partner who will manage one challenging segment of your transportation project, Affreighter Logistics can help.

Our Project Cargo Specialties Include

  • Out of Gauge-

    We specialize in the shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. Our expert team has the experience and tools to transport your most challenging cargo, even when it's too large to fit within a standard shipping container's length, width or height. Worrying about the safety and on time delivery of your cargo will be the last thing on your mind with our out of gauge shipping solutions.

  • Heavy Lift-

    When you have large items that can't be broken down into smaller, lighter-weight segments, we will come up with a transport solution. We even have experience moving products that are too heavy to transport on roads. Whether your cargo requires flatbed trucks, special volume cargo we can handle this for you.

  • Break-bulk-

    Due to their large size or weight, some goods need to be loaded onto a cargo ship or aircraft individually rather than grouped in shipping containers. This obviously makes loading and unloading the equipment more labor-intensive and potentially more costly. However, we can come up with an efficient and cost-effective break bulk shipping method. We can help you determine when this is a better choice than disassembling, packaging, and reassembling your cargo when it reaches its destination.

  • Flat Racks & Open Tops

    Affreighter Logistics has extensive experience handling heavy and odd shaped project cargo, and we can procure flat rack or open top shipping containers when necessary. Open top and flat rack are two types of transporting methods that are often used with cargo that is too tall or bulky to fit in standard shipping containers. Flat racks typically either have fixed or collapsible ends, and cargo is loaded from the top or sides. Open tops are closed on the sides but allow cargo to be loaded from the top, and the top is often covered with a tarpaulin once the cargo is in place.

    Whether you need to transport machine, turbines or any other large commercial equipment, Affreighter Logistics can handle shipping. We specialize in moving irregularly-shaped and heavy equipment, including OOG cargo that doesn't fit in a standard shipping container. We can handle every step of the move, including procuring cranes and other equipment necessary to load and unload your cargo.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) Services

Roll-on roll-off shipping (often referred to as RoRo) is the preferred method for globally transporting wheeled vehicles. As the name suggests, a vehicle is driven onto a ship, secured below deck, and driven off when the ship reaches its destination. This method is more cost-effective than container shipping and also requires less direct handling of the RoRo cargo.

RoRo can also be used to transport vehicles without wheels, such as boats, Crawler cranes, and heavy plant equipment. In fact, RoRo shipping is often the only viable method of ocean freight transportation for these oversized vehicles, as they may not fit in standard containers. This type of cargo can be wheeled on and off using a specialized platform vehicle.

RoRo shipments are transported on specialized vessels with built-in ramps and weatherproof, watertight holding areas. Many of these ships have designated decks for heavy machinery and tall, outsized vehicles. Cargo of all sizes is blocked, braced, and tied down below deck for the duration of the journey, so shippers don't have to worry about any movement- or weather-related damage. A lot of ships also have multiple on- and off-ramps so that cargo can be unloaded quickly and efficiently.


Heavy equipment projects sometimes require cranes or pulley systems to lift the cargo, we can source the equipment necessary to safely raise and lower large items from one surface to another.

Why Affreighter Logistics should handle your Project Cargo? Such as Heavy Lift, OOG, Flat Racks or Open tops...

Oversized or irregularly-shaped cargo inevitably presents certain transportation challenges, from sourcing the appropriate containers to loading and unloading the cargo from those containers. When you need to move this type of cargo, it pays to have an experienced freight forwarder on your side.

Affreighter Logistics has been in the freight forwarding industry for close to a decade now and the directors of Affreighter possess decades of experience in handling project cargo logistics and in that time we have handled a wide range of challenging transportation projects, including many that have required us to use flat rack or open top shipping containers. We manage all the logistics of the transportation process and communicate clearly with our clients every step of the way. We answer our own phones and respond to email inquiries quickly. We also have an excellent track record for on-time deliveries. Enjoy greater peace of mind when you choose Affreighter Logistics.

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