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Special Services

World commerce is becoming increasingly global. It is no longer an exception, but rather the rule that companies and decision makers are located in one country while the product is manufactured in another and shipped to an end user in a third country. This is what is called a triangle transaction or shipment.

Affreighter excels at handling these all the while keeping good track and having full awareness of who are the parties involved.

Some types of goods require special handling because they are particularly valuable, their transport requires a specific infrastructure, or the transport is subject to special general conditions, to name a few examples. For such cases, we offer special services in the following categories:

  • High Value Cargo Handling (HVC).
  • Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR).
  • Shock-Sensitive Cargo Handling.
  • Temperature-Controlled Transportation.

Triangle Shipment

Confidentiality and attention to detail is key as documents from one company usually cannot be shared with other companies. For example, manufacturer’s invoices must not be included with cargo to reach the end user overseas since the end user has a different contract with the client directing the shipment.

Attention to detail is a key here. Choose your forwarder wisely in order to protect your market, suppliers, and customers.

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